How It Works

Point your travel planning in the right direction

Travelknowhow delivers comprehensive travel planning advice, resources and support all in one place.


Travelknowhow is an adaptable management tool to aid the communication, planning, implementing and monitoring of Travel Plan actions.  We allow your organisation to offer a branded, comprehensive travel planning solution. 


The Travelknowhow framework is currently being used by Tactran – Regional Transport Partnership from Tayside and Central Scotland. Here are some examples taken for the Tactran Travelknowhow website.






Easy access to practical advice and support as and when required

As well as offering a wealth of information and practical hints and tips, Travelknowhow offers access to expert marketing and travel planning support to ensure that registered organisations are able to maximise all the resources available to them.




Cost effective, adaptable resources that will ensure that you get your messages spot on 

Travelknowhow offers specialist marketing advice to help organisations get their messages across in the most effective manner.  


Travelknowhow can offer a range of cost effective, adaptable resources - allowing organisations to ensure that their travel planning messages are spot on, without costing a fortune. Adaptable artwork templates allow organisations to print off themselves, or we can organise professionally printed artwork at competitive rates. 






Get inspired with ideas and practical advice on running your own implementation events and initiatives

Travelknowhow offers organisations ideas and practical advice on how to run their own implementation initiatives and events based on a unique mixture of travel planning advice and marketing knowhow.  Travelknowhow can guide organisations through the planning, implementing and monitoring of travel planning measures, all in one, easy to access place.





Monitor progress to ensure that travel planning measures stay on track  


Within Travelknowhow there is also a unique project management facility called My Travel Plan.  This section of the site allows registered organisations to structure, manage and monitor their own specific Travel Plan implementation programme.


My Travel Plan offers a project management framework and links into other resources within Travelknowhow to provide an organisation with a structured approach to implementing their travel plan. Our travel planning and marketing experts can also be on hand as and when required to offer additional support.


As well as providing advice and guidance on how to monitor internal progress towards certain targets, within Travelknowhow there is also the ability to monitor overall the usage and progress of all those registered on the site - great for keeping track. Here are some examples taken from the Tactran Travelknowhow website.