What is Travelknowhow?

Travelknowhow is a unique online resource that is designed to make the process of Travel Plan implementation as easy and painless as possible. 

We recognise that unless an organisation is supported to implement a Travel Plan, then there is a danger that it simply becomes a document that sits on a shelf. We also understand that there are a lot of questions that organisations have; 


  • • Where do we start?
  • • What comes first?
  • • How do I engage employees with a Travel Plan?
  • • What resources are available to help us


This is where Travelknowhow can provide the solution, all in one place. To find out how Travelknowhow can work for you, contact us today. 

Why Travelknowhow?

Travelknowhow delivers:

  • • A branded travel planning solution that can be accessed by multiple, registered users.
  • • Fast, easy access to a bank of tailored travel planning information and resources.
  • • Specialist travel planning advice.
  • • Specialist marketing advice to aid with engagement of both organisations and individuals.
  • • Access to FREE, adaptable downloadable templates - making communication very cost effective and consistent.
  • • The ability to monitor the usage and implementation progress of multiple users.